Driving Results With A Human Focus

Raising the bar on productivity and revenue is always a business’s first priority. However, the most critical factor toward achieving this priority is hiring and retaining the talent who can push the organization over the top.

Executive Management must always stay ahead of the curve to make sure their teams, strategy and execution are on point. Even a momentary lapse in these key areas can set an organization back for years.


Some highlights of our success in Business Development include:

  • Attracted expert talent, restructured global operations, and championed individual development and career planning to build an organization that allowed individuals to perform at their best.

  • Achieved +96% retention of top talent, established cross-functional teams, and promoted more than 40 employees to new roles.

  • Transitioned business model to address sales opportunities, enabling the company to double sales and boost revenue from $15M to $22M.

  • Executed corporate restructuring, affecting 17 employees, and generating $1.1M annual savings.

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