Strategy Is Critical To Optimizing Profit

We understand that there is much more to maximizing profits than measuring your revenue against your expenses. A myriad of factors such as; pricing, margins, discounts, costs, debt, taxes and commissions can lead to a mystifying deficit if they are not properly planned with one another in mind.

Some highlights of our success includes:

  • Analyzed profitability of international transactions and implemented pricing algorithm to guarantee maximum return on more than $2M in quotations.

  • Created estimating process that standardized product descriptions, established pricing and optimized margins for more than $3M in domestic new orders.

  • Re-engineered contract review process for customer systems, complete with appropriate discounts and sliding scale commissions for external representatives, boosting profitability 10%.

  • Developed department and corporate budgets.

  • Performed job order cost analytics to identify and correct cost overages.


  • Negotiated terms with lenders and local government to improve borrowing terms and reduce taxes.

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